Meets or exceeds the following ASTM requirements:
ASTM C 140 | ASTM C 67 | ASTM C 33 | ASTM C 150 | ASTM C 979 | ASTM C 1028-96


• Technical

What is the compressive strength of the cobblestones?

Over 8500 p.s.i.

Can you seal these stones?
Yes, but only with a penetrating solvent based sealer to prevent slipping. Do not apply surface sealers to the product or this will cause the product to become hazardous.

Does it have a slip rating?
Yes, it meets ASTM 1028-96.

Is the grout permeable?
Yes, it is slightly permeable.

Do you have CAD capability?
Yes, please visit our CAD Downloads from our Tools page.

Can you use it around chlorinated pools or bromide pools?

Does the product meet freeze/thaw testing?
Yes, it meets ASTM C67 testing and is durable in all climates.

Does the product fade?
The grout and stone colors will fade slightly over time. Once the epoxy grout is applied the colors will appear darker. This will disappear over a few months in sunlight to the original color. If you want a darker color, then apply an approved penetrating solvent based sealer to the product.

• Installation

Can you apply the product to existing concrete?

Yes, as long as the concrete is in good condition with no settlement. Refer to the specifications page to see installation directions.

Can you apply the product to existing asphalt?
It is not recommended since asphalt areas are sometimes installed with inferior sub base products. If the sub base is acceptable it is still recommended to remove any asphalt topping.

Do you have an installation video?
Yes, the video is on our website.

How do you cut the stones?
The best methods are with a stone splitter or gas saw with a diamond blade. You may also use electric saws with diamond blades or even a stone chisel and hammer.

What patterns are available in 1 5/8" ?
All of them.

What patterns are available in 3/4" ?
Only the straight pattern.

Is the color all the way through or just on the surface?
The color is mixed all the way through with liquid pigment during manufacturing.

Can this product be used inside?
Yes. It is recommended to use a masonry mortar in the joints. The mortar and stones should then be sealed to help with day to day cleaning.

How do you make repairs once the grout has set up?
Simply use a chisel and hammer and break out the bad area, cut the grid and re-apply the joint material.

Can I pressure wash the stones?

How big of an edge retainer do I need?
One that is suitable for your area. Driveways should use a concrete edge with a #4 rebar installed to help strengthen the edge for any vehicles. Walkways and patios on base material may use metal or plastic edge restraints.

What type of cutters do I need to cut the grids?
Any snip will work that is comparable to the ones listed on our installation page.

Do you have a pool coping?
No, but our product works well with other manufactured copings.

Can one person install this product?
3⁄4 mats are easily installed by one person. 1 5/8" mats should be installed with two people due to the weight.

Do you have to use epoxy grout?
No. You can use fine gravel or stabilized sand. Make sure the stabilized sand is used in areas other than vehicular traffic areas. Do not use sand as a joint filler due to the size of the joints between stones.

What do you do about steps and landings?
You may use manufactured coping for treads or our stones. The risers may have our product applied using a mortared thin set and grouting with mortar.

How do you make a large circular pattern?
You begin by using 2 half circle patterns (HC-01) and cutting the circular part out of the square surround. Then take straight patterns (SP-01) and cut them into length-long strips and wrap them around the circle. Make sure to leave a consistent grout joint between stones as you continue around the circumference. As the circle increases in size strips may be increased in width from 1 to 2 stones wide or more. To figure the material required for a particular sized circle, please use our circle calculator.

• Grouting

Where can you purchase epoxy application tools?

From your local dealer or your local home supply store. It is important to use only recommended squeegees for grout installation. Please refer to our installation page for a decription.

How long does the epoxy take to cure?
Curing time varies depending on weather conditions. Typically in 75 to 85 degree weather curing time will be 24 hours.

How soon can you walk on the epoxy?
Depending on weather conditions it may be as little as 2 hours or as much as 24 hours.

How soon can you drive on it?
Depending on weather conditions it could be 24 hours or as much as 48 hours.

What temperature range is best suited for application of the epoxy?
Above 45 degrees. Temperatures should not fall below 32 degrees within 24 hours of application.

Can I pressure wash the grout?
Yes, with a fan tip spray.

Can I use muriatic acid on your products?
Yes. It will not affect the grout, but it should be diluted so it does not affect the stone.

What does the epoxy grout kit consist of?
It is comprised of a two part epoxy.

Can I supply my own sand?
Yes. Sand must be 20 grade sand or larger.
Note: Due to variations in sand colors across the country, the resulting grout color may vary.

How does the epoxy clean up during application?
With soap and water.

How do I clean the stones and grout over time?
You may use bleach, driveway cleaner, tri sodium phosphate or a pressure washer.

How many square feet will one epoxy kit cover?
Depending on installation methods, grout coverage may vary. Please refer to our grout calculation sheet to determine the amount you would require.


• Warranty

Does the Cobble Systems product have a warranty?

Yes. Cobble Systems manufactures premier simulated stone products by utilizing superior materials and admixtures along with high quality control standards. We provide a 20 year guarantee on the structural integrity of our products, but not the installation. Material that is found to be defective beyond normal wearing of the product will be replaced as long as the material was installed according to manufacturers specifications using approved installation techniques. Color, texture and finish cannot be guaranteed to match the original product. Labor and transportation costs relating to replacement of material are not included. No claims will be accepted without authorization from a Cobble Systems representative. Proof of purchase is required. Damage resulting from misuse, abuse or abnormal use, chemical action, improper installation or faulty design are expressly excluded from this Warranty. Due to the nature of the products, color variances and efflorescence cannot be guaranteed.


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